Company Camp 2023

Dates: 27-29 Oct 2023

Reporting Venue: ACS(BR) Student Plaza

Reporting Attire: Brigade Attire

Things to bring:

Refer to Packing List


Day 1: Mr Shawn Tham

Day 2: Mr Samuel Lee

Day 3: Mr Tristan Chan

Day ICs:

Day 1: CPL Issac Chua

Day 2: CPL Criston Bok

Day 3: CPL Jayden Teo


Refer to Programme


Admin Instructions for Day 1:

– Report to school from 1700hrs onwards and deposit your camp bags in the level 4 classrooms according to your squad:

• C1 & C2: 2 Abraham

• C3 & C4: 2 Caleb

• D1 & D2: 2 Elijah

• D3 & D4: 2 Samuel

– Bring only your day pack for fall-in (refer to the packing list for the items to bring).

You may bring your phone/camera for the visit to the Night Safari but are responsible for taking care of your belongings.

– Fall in will be at 1800hrs sharp. Please do not be late, and inform your level ICs if you are running late.

Issued by:

Mr Evan Lim

DyOC, 12BR

ONESoul | ONEMind | ONETwelfth


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