Parade Order: 26/03

Parade Order:
S/N: 10/2022

Date: Sat, 26 March 2022
Time: 0745-1200hrs
Venue: ACS (BR) Student Plaza

Full Uniform with Coy Mask

(Sec 1s without complete full uniform to come in Brigade Attire and bring all your Full Uniform parts)

Things to bring:

  • Mufti Attire(Sec 2s to 4s)
  • Water Bottle
  • Writing Materials
  • Hardcopy Bible

Duty Officer:
Mr Samuel Lee TH

Duty Teachers:
Sec 1 – Mr Andrew Tan
Sec 2 – Mdm Low Hei Chin
Sec 3 – Mr Alexis Ho
Sec 4 – Mr Andrew Tan

Duty Primer:
SCL Edson Poon

Duty PSM:
WO Jayden Lim

Duty Flag Orderly:
CPL Thai Low

*Duty Drum Orderly: *
LCP Subaraj Narendran
*Duty Pipe Orderly: *
CPL Bernard Lim

Duty Level ICs:
Sec 2 – LCP Joseph Choo
(2i/c – LCP Gabriel Pandji)

Sec 3 – CPL Benedict Lo
(2i/c – CPL Ethan Tan)

Sec 4 – SSG Reuven Lim
(2i/c – SSG Sean Kai Phua)

Fall-In at Student Plaza

Devotions at LCs

Uniform Inspection & Level photo taking

Sec 1s: Drill & TA Retest
Sec 2s: Drill
Sec 3s: Drill
Sec 4s: Photo-taking

Sec 1s: Photo-taking
Sec 2s – 4s:
Enrolment Parade Rehearsal

Announcements, Vesper & Dismissal


  • Please arrive at school by 0745hrs to avoid being late.
  • Observe strict social distancing, and wear a mask at ALL times.
  • Strictly NO intermingling between groups are allowed throughout the session, including Primers and officers.
  • Do call your level ICs if they are running late. Latecomers are to report to their allocated venues as soon as they arrive.


Band Order:
S/N: 09/2022

Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2022
Time: 1330- 1630hrs
Venue: Level 4 LCs
Attire: Brigade Attire

Duty Band Officer:
Mr Declan Ng

Duty Teacher:
Mdm Jeannette Nga

Duty BSM:
WO Jadon Bok

Issued by:

Mr Jared Choo
OC, 12BR

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