Parade Order: 17/7/2021

Parade Order S/N: 17/2021

Date: Sat, 17 July 2021
Time: 0750-1100hrs
Venue: Home (Online)
Attire: Brigade Attire

Duty Officer:
Mr Ethan Chia

Duty Teachers:
Mdm Low Hei Chin (Sec 1)
Mr Alexis Ho (Sec 2 & Sec 3)

Duty ICs:
Sec 1 – PTE Criston Bok
(2i/c – PTE Aron Tan)
Sec 2 – LCP Matthias Ching
(2i/c – LCP Joel Tan)
Sec 3 – SGT Nathan Ong
(2i/c – SGT Jayden Lim)


Report Online + Attendance

Worship & Cell Group

Sec 1: Basic Drill Theory
Sec 2 & 3: Global Awareness (Advanced)

1000 – 1100hrs
Founders Award Presentation 2021 Livestream


  • Please join in on Zoom latest by 0750hrs in your BB Polo Tee.
  • The meeting link will be sent to your respective chats before parade. Please do not share the meeting information outside of BB.
  • All level ICs, please take note of the attendance and send it to the IC chat.


Band Order:
(optional, encouraged for everyone)
Date: Sat, 17 July 2021
Time: 1300 – 1515hrs
Venue: Online
Attire: Brigade Attire

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