Parade Orders: 13/07/2021

Parade Order S/N: 11/2021

(Temperature taking at 0745hrs outside Admin Room)

Do not be late.

Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2021

Time: 0745 – 1200hrs

Venue: Student Plaza

Attire: Brigade Attire

Things to Bring:

Water Bottle (at least 0.5L), Writing Materials / Memo book, Hardcopy Bible, Thermometer (compulsory), Mask (to be worn at all times), Colouring materials (for flag design), PT Kit

Duty Officer:

Mr Caleb Hwang

Duty Teachers:

Mr Alexis Ho (Sec 4)

Mdm Low Hei Chin (Sec 1 & 3)

Mr Low Seow Boon (Sec 2)

Duty Primer:

CLT Samuel Chan

Parade Sergeant Major:

SGT Nathan Ong

Reserve PSM:

SGT Ean Tan

Flag Orderly:

CPL Anthony Lee

Drum Orderly:

SGT Jadon Bok

Duty ICs:

Sec 1 –

PTE Ethan Sng

(2i/c – PTE Matteus Lee)

Sec 2 –

LCP Matthias Ching

(2i/c – LCP Joel Tan)

Sec 3 –

SGT Nathan Ong

(2i/c – SGT Jayden Lim)

Sec 4 –

WO Aaron Lim

(2i/c – WO Ethan Pang)



Sec 1-3s:

Fall In at Student Plaza

Sec 4s: Visit to BBHQ Heritage Room


Sec 1-3s:

Devotions/Cell Group

Sec 4s:

Visit to BBHQ Heritage Room


Sec 1-3s:

Squad Flag design competition

Sec 4s:

Visit to BBHQ Heritage Room


Sec 1-4s:

Squad Flag design competition




To uphold safe distancing measures, no intermingling between groups are allowed throughout the session, including Primers and officers.

Boys are to call their level ICs if they are running late. Latecomers are to report to their allocated venues as soon as they arrive.


Band Order:

(optional, encouraged for everyone)

Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2021

Time: 1315 – 1600hrs

Venue: Level 4 LCs

Attire: Brigade Attire

Duty Teacher:

Mrs Jeanette Wee

Bring thermometer (compulsory), Mask (to be worn at all times).

Report at Secondary School side canteen for fall in by 1.15pm.

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