5 Jan 2021

Dear all,

Please note that *BB Day* will be held on **12 Jan 2021 (Tuesday)**, where all *Sec 2s, 3s, and 4s** are to wear your **FULL UNIFORM** to school and throughout the **entire** school day, including AC/extra classes, and must change back even if you have PE lessons.

Your uniforms are expected to be up to standard and you are to maintain immaculate behaviour in your classes as you reflect the image of the entire company. Any Boy caught without their Full Uniform on during school hours on this day without a valid reason will be dealt with accordingly. We expect you to uphold the name of our Company. If you have missing uniform parts you have this week to go to BBHQ to purchase them. (Note: BBHQ shop is closed on Sundays and Mondays)

Do prepare your uniform a day or two before and also remind your batchmates to wear them and to maintain their utmost behaviour throughout the day.

Sure and Stedfast ⚓

Thank you.

SGT Aaron Lim


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