Words From The Captain

Photo of current Sec 4s taken after the Enrolment Parade 2017.

11 April 2020

To the CSM, WO Ian Lim and NCO Council 2019/20,

On behalf of the Officers Council, I will like to express our heartfelt Thanks and Appreciation to you for your Commitment and Dedication to the Company. I am sure our Boys, your juniors have gained much under your leadership.

As you handover your duties & responsibilities to the New (24th) Council and prepare for your upcoming examinations at the later part of this year and whatever challenges that may be ahead especially in today’s climate of uncertainties, we pray that God will continue to guide and lead you in all that you do.

May you be anchored Sure & Stedfast to Christ for The Best is Yet to Be!

In His Service,

Samuel Tay

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