Official Announcement

8 April 2020

To all Boys, Primers and officers – 12BR Singapore Company,


With effect from today, 8 April 2020, Mr Jared Choo, Acting OC will be appointed as the Officer Commanding of The Boys’ Brigade 12BR Singapore Company.
He stepped up as the Acting OC since 4 January 2020 when Mr Darren Huang relinquished the OC appointment serving from 1 January 2011 to 3 January 2020. Mr Huang will remain as one of the Senior Officers in The Twelfth.

All 12BR members will be under his charge & he will work closely with the Group Chairman, 12BR Captain and the Teacher-in-Charge.

Mr Choo and his team will be incharge of all the day to day affairs, responsibility for its management and leadership. He together with the senior officers, will continue to mentor the officers & instructors and discipline if needed.

He will work closely with the full time staff for 12BB from BRMC and also the OC of 12I for all combined activities.

As we continue to uphold the OC into His hands. Pray for wisdom, strength, light & courage to advance His Kingdom.

We also want to give our heartfelt thanks and deepest appreciation to Mr Darren Huang for his leadership and guidance over the past 9 years. He started returning as a volunteer and then to a full time BB staff, we saw many changes within the Company including of leadership & management, special programmes, mentorship, starting of overseas missions to Chiangmai and many others. We wish him well and all the best as he continues to study in TTC.

Thank you.

The Best is Yet to Be!!!

In His Service,

Tye Yew Meng
Group Chairman
The Boys’ Brigade
12th Singapore Company

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