To all Boys, Primers & officers,

Latest info from MOE:
All CCAs and after school programmes are to be suspended for 2 weeks, until 5 April. This means no BB activities, including band, during this period.

The 12BR Senior Leadership is discussing on how we will proceed with our programme in light of this new development and will update all as soon as we can.

Seperately, BBHQ has also sent us an update for the Brigade Level Events. Please take note of the following key changes:

1) BB Week postponed to 16 Aug to 6 Sep 2020

2) Stage 3 Assessment (27 June) postponed to 5 Sep 2020 (The stage 3 assessment on 22 Aug will be unaffected)

3) Camp Temasek postponed to June 2021

4) J M Fraser Awards Presentation Ceremony postponed to 15 Aug 2020

5) 90th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service postponed to 12 Sep 2020

6) BB Blaze 2020 has been cancelled.

7) LDC 2 (all runs in 2020) has been cancelled.

Thank you.

In His Service,

Jared Choo
Acting OC

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